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Woman Crush Wednesday | Heather Shasa of Welding Wellness

Heather Shasa (a registered dietitian) and I were introduced several months back through a mutual friend, after she was looking to grow her business presence, with hopes of going into her own private practice. After one phone conversation, I knew this girl was awesome, and someone I'd want in my network of powerful women. We spoke about what she was hoping to accomplish, where she saw her business going, and most importantly, why it meant so much to her. Please go read her fully story HERE ! It's amazing!

Fast forward to August, Heather announced her official launch of Welding Wellness, LLC, a virtual private practice. Her mission, to empower men by giving them the nutrition tools they need to build and sustain a healthier and happier life.

Everyone, please show Heather some love! Go like her facebook page. Follow her on instagram. Tell everyone you know about her!

This is just a little peek at some headshots we did for her at Farms View Roadstand in Wayne, NJ.

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