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Happy Woman Crush Wednesday! | 03.14.18

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Business Owner. Wife. Mommy of two. Life Coach. Friend. OG. #WCW goes out to this boss lady, Christina Trotta. Christina runs Christina Trotta Co., a multi-award winning makeup company and is also partnered with Rodan+ Fields, running a skincare business.

Christina and I have been working together since the VERY beginning of our businesses (circa 2013) when I did her engagement pictures (Fortunately for all of you, I've come a LONG way since then). I love seeing woman succeed and this mama is quite the inspiration.

Check out our interview and a behind scenes look of her amazing little family.

What led to this career path? What’s your origin story?

Sometimes, I don't even know! I guess I wasn’t really what you would call a “conventional” person. Always into the arts. Literature, painting, sketching, history. I am a huge advocate for education...but school wasn’t my passion. I went through a lot as a kid. Making people feel good about themselves vastly became one of my favorite things. If we want to get psychological, it could have been because of the pain I had been through….but lets keep this light and fluffy!

What did you do previously?

I decided at at 17 I needed real life experience. While everyone was going off to college, I was working full time and taking night classes. I grew within the company...and by the time I was 21 started at Revlon. Twice promoted there and then at 26 was a Marketing Director at L’Oreal. Did I love it? No. was a critical step in my growth. L’Oreal was one of the most incredible places to work. They really invested in people that worked their asses off...and rewarded you, constantly. I really grew up while I was there. It helped that I had an incredible boss, who gave me room to be myself and was there to catch me when I was in over my head. I will forever be grateful to her. I try to be like her everyday. Encourage others, be there for them, but don’t coddle them. She was really a huge part of my life. It’s funny, because she probably doesn't even know! She was just one of those people that changed lives on contact. Shout out, Elisa Fischer!

What made you choose a different direction in your career?

My children. I had an interrupted childhood. I felt like I had worked so hard. Achieved so much. It was my turn to enjoy. The time in my life I chose was my babies, being babies.

What do you enjoy most about running your own businesses?

This could take all day! I guess the potential. Mostly, the fact that it will be successful if I give it my all. Nothing and no one can interrupt my growth but me.

When you’re not running your businesses, what do you do in your “spare” time?

Oh hunnie. Two kids, two businesses, no housekeeper or cook? My “spare” second is soaking in my kids. Their laughs, smiles, hugs, kisses. Watching them enjoy each other. My sister is my best friend in the world. I wouldn't have made it without her...I see my girls love each other the way me and Lella did. I could watch it all day.

What do you enjoy least about running your own business?

Hmmm. Well, it’s sort of funny. The thing I love most, is sometimes the hardest. It’s all on me. If something goes wrong, it’s on me. If my month is slower than’s on me. If I mess up an appointment….me. I feel like the amazing outweighs the negative, so it's hardly a complaint!

Was there ever a point in time that you wanted to give up? If so, what did you do to move forward?

Oh my god, yes. The first year of Christina Trotta Co was AWFUL. I went from making well over 6 figures to making a few hundred a month. I had months where I made nothing. I felt like a failure. Same with Rodan. I’m not a “ take your time” to be great type of person. I need to be the best...and will beat myself up until I am. Everything takes time to grow. Patience is something I have been forced to learn in my 30’s. And faith. Patience and faith.

What work of encouragement or advice would you give to other woman who want to/currently run their own business?

Girl, tell yourself “I can, I will”. That’s it. If you see it, work your ass off and do it. If you want it, only you can get it. It goes right through me when people complain about their lives. If you're unhappy with something CHANGE it. If you WANT something, go EARN IT. Do whatever it takes so you're not 85, looking back...wishing you had the courage to do what your passionate about. FIGHT, everyday to make everyday count.

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